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Homeschool Partnership Program

The Academy of Cinematic Arts’ Homeschool Partnership Program serves families and students who are interested in cinematic arts education. We offer year-long courses for youth in grades 6-12. Our programs enable students to explore, imagine, and create narrative films in a collaborative and fun environment. Our courses include the following:


  • Introduction to Film: This course explores the world of visual storytelling. Students learn the filmmaking process, including scriptwriting, filming, directing, and editing. Throughout the year, students work with cameras, create story ideas, write scripts, storyboard, act, film, and edit.

  • Advanced Film: This course takes an in-depth look at visual storytelling. Students explore the use of composition and framing, camera angles, and shots to direct a short narrative film. In addition, students learn the importance of working as a team to create, write, act in, and edit short narrative films.

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