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Picture of Andy Schuh smiling in a blue shirt

In loving Memory: Andy Schuh,
Board Member and Dear Friend


November 22, 1983 - February 13, 2022

In this lifetime, we are incredibly lucky to find a person who was as giving, kind, generous, loving, outgoing, and full of life as Andy Schuh. We are thankful for Andy's time on our board, his support of youth, and his friendship. His zest for life and love of family and friends was contagious. We pray that we may become better people because we knew and loved him. 


The Andy Schuh Memorial Fund helps youth share their stories through the Cinematic Arts. Your unrestricted donation will provide many kids with a voice to share their stories

  • Educational Programming. Your donation helps to provide educational programming for both local and Midwest youth in filmmaking, acting, and screenwriting. Programs include summer film camps, after school enrichment programs, Fall/Spring workshops, homes school curriculum, and semester film courses.

  • Teen Film Challenge. Your donation helps to produce our annual Teen Film Challenge competition, enabling students to produce a narrative film in 72 hours.

  • Golden Lion Awards Student Film Festival. Your donation enables both local and Midwest youth to receive award recognition for their cinematic artwork.

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