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Raffle Basket

Golden Gala Auction

Join us in supporting the education of the next generation of filmmakers! For two weeks we'll be hosting an online auction where you could win experiences, get aways, jewelry, and more! 


Golden Lion Awards

As submissions wrap up for the 2024 Golden Lion Awards, it's time to look ahead to our screening and awards ceremony! This year the Golden Lion Awards Student Film Festival will be held at the School for Creative and Performing Arts on May 18th.  

4 girls smiling behind a camera

Summer Camps

Lights, camera, action!  Whether you're a writer, actor, or director our summer camps have it all! Guided by professionals in the field, learn to set up shots, write a script, and act your heart out on the big screen.

"I don't really have accessible film programs at my school, so I turned to the ACA and they're there to point me in the right direction. They've always been there to push me further in my filmmaking skills, and for that I'm very grateful."

— Hayden Melvin

A boy holding a clapper board


Lion Head Icon

A Cincinnati based film festival for all middle school & high school student filmmakers across the midwest and surrounding area (500 miles from Cincinnati) to compete and showcase their work. The festival offers over 14 categories from best picture to music videos. Submissions for 2024 are now open! Submit your film today!

4 Boys looking through a camera


Film Reel Icon

From after school programs to summer camps, ACA has it all.  The goal is to provide a positive space, by helping influence filmmakers to create life-giving films. It’s a great place for students of all ages to strengthen a hobby or build skills as a future media maker.


Golden Online Auction

Celebrity Rope Off Icon

Each spring we host a night to celebrate grade school, middle school, and high students’ achievements in the cinematic arts. This year, it will be an entire two weeks of student work, interviews, and an online auction to enable the next generation of filmmakers to make their mark!

Girl with a clapper board in front of a camera; Teen Film Challenge


Clapper Board Icon

A 72-hour filmmaking competition exclusively for teenagers! The competition enables teens to showcase their filmmaking talents, empowering them to collaborate in small groups and combine talents to produce a film in three days. All creativity, production, and post-production take place during the 72 hours, including scriptwriting, film shooting, editing, and sound design.

"My experience with the ACA has been Incredible. I was able to
learn so much about filmmaking in such a short period of time! It was
a great foundation in setting myself up for the industry!"

— Amar Bedi


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