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Screenwriting Workshop

Workshops are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters, open to ages 12-19.


Screenwriting Workshops

Our Screenwriting workshops teach students about the film and television screenplay structure, as well as how to analyze dramatic strategies, learn and apply correct script format, and creatively engage in original scriptwriting. Our workshops place an emphasis on visualizing dramatic elements. Throughout the workshop, we focus on key topics using film clips to illustrate points and discuss dramatic and cinematic strategies.

Screenwriting I

In Screenwriting Part I, students learn script writing basics from plot to protagonists, followed by a big assignment: writing a script.


Screenwriting II

In Screenwriting Part II, students receive feedback on their work as well as hear from their peers and instructor after a table read.


Bethany Baptist Church

6049 Yankee Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45044

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