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Film Production Workshop

Workshops are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters, open to ages 12-19.


Film Production Workshops

Film Production workshops introduce students to the basics of film analysis, cinematic formal elements, genre, and narrative structure as well as helps students to develop the skills to recognize, analyze, describe and enjoy film as an art and entertainment form.


To understand how films are constructed to make meaning, students are introduced to the basic “building blocks” and formal elements (narrative, pre-production, mise-en-scene, cinematography, sound and editing) that make up film. In addition, they learn the fundamental principles of analysis, including genre, style, performance and storytelling.

Intro to Filmmaking

Filmmaking introduces students to visual storytelling. Students learn about scriptwriting, character development, camera angles and shots, lighting, sound, editing, and so much more!


Camera Movement and Angles

Camera Movement and Angles introduces students to film production by looking at the camera as an alternate stage space. Students use DSLRs and Adobe Premiere Pro to explore camera angles and movement and the theories behind them.



Editing teaches students the techniques, tools, and approaches to recognize, understand, and discover what makes a good cut in film. Students learn theory and editing techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro for their editing project.


Directing Actors

In this workshop, students learn how to direct actors and experience filmmaking from the actor’s point of view. Students learn to analyze dialogue and dramatic material, develop dramatic situations, understand character needs and relationships, and breakdown scripts.


Producing Films

The producer is the driving force behind any project. From start to finish, the producer controls the project, builds the team, raises finances, oversees the budget, organizes the production, and is responsible for delivering the project based on agreements. In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of producing.


Bethany Baptist Church

6049 Yankee Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45044

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